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Who is this course for?

If you want to gift yourself a full service and MOT of your body-mind, there are few experiences as powerful and enjoyable as the 5-day Foundation gateway module. This is a thorough day-by-day immersion into some dynamic themes that have the power to change your life for the better. In addition to accelerating your understanding of self, The Foundation is also an entry requirement gateway to the annual Breathwork Training Program.

This introductory intensive provides fundamental principles for a fulfilling, purposeful life. Suited for those who have a passion for transformational work, we journey deeply in a safe, committed group. Previous breathwork experience is not necessary, but some self-development work is an advantage.


How do we work?

Our secret is“small is beautiful!”. We work in a small group, usually not exceeding 12 participants, so that each person has the opportunity to open up their personal goals and aspirations for their life, and receive the support of the whole group in learning how to realise those goals. We are qualified body-based therapists, using a dynamic range of techniques including daily breathing sessions; sound healing; fire ceremonies; music/art and theatre process; equine therapy and outdoor /nature based meditations and processes. Consent is central to our work, to ensure the safety needed for growth. Many people sign up for The Foundation again and again – but experience it at a deeper level each time they take it.  

Some of the key developmental imprints/concepts we explore on The Foundation:


Thought Patterns

Learn about the quality of your conscious and unconscious thoughts and how to use your mind to affect positive change in your life. Utilising methods like the Digger Process and daily Breathwork sessions you can safely access some of the suppressed mental ideas that have been holding you back. Participants experience liberation from damaging thoughts like “I’m not good enough” “I am separate” “I’m not safe” etc. Once raised to consciousness, you can use techniques like dynamic affirmations and NLP to create more supportive neural pathways and stabilise a new lived experience. 


Upcoming Foundation Modules

The Foundation residential costs £895.00 inclusive of overnight accommodation for 4 nights. Extra nights are charged at £25.00 per night. How do I reserve my place on the Foundation? The application process is by Google drive, which includes questions about your suitability for this level of personal development work. Fill out a form to register your interest and we will be in touch with you about your application. 


Dates for 2024 are…

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Wed, 31 January 2024


Sun, 04 February 2024



Wed, 21 February 2024

Sun, 25 February 2024

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