Nathalia Westmacott-Brown

Practitioner Trainer & Breath Coach

My journey with Conscious Breathwork started when I met my mentor Christina Artemis in 2000. I was seeking guidance to overcome emotional issues, which had sabotaged my career in film production.  The Artemis Foundation practitioner training was a powerful emersion into the spectacular world of breathing for the purpose of personal healing.


During an exceptional 3 years with Artemis, awareness around my personal issues increased tremendously and I learned the principles of modern breath practice as established by pioneers Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray.  I became aware of how experiences from my formative years, including my birth experience, had contributed to the self-esteem problems I had evolved as an adult. These concepts have been invaluable to my personal healing over the last couple of decades and now I am devoted to teaching these concepts to others seeking liberation from their past.  



"I love how Nathalia is able to navigate between the deepest wounds we as humans carry - to the joy, bliss and embodied ecstasy that is our birthright."

Kiya Shanti

Apprentice Breathworker & Film Producer

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