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is breathwork a life-changing silver bullet?

“In werewolf movies the ‘silver bullet’ is said to be the action that can take down the monster, once and for all. This is what we want when we heal wounds from our past; a process that can truly lay our demons to rest. If there is a silver bullet for self-improvement work, perhaps it is this - the subtle and powerful art of Conscious Breathing.”

- Nathalia Grace Westmacott



Our Values

Here are some inspiring beliefs that lift us up and fire off a dopamine hit...These juicy motivations spark us UP! So we BUZZ with enthusiasm and tick along with consistent commitment.



& Interdependent

They say love makes the World go round… but really, it does! Once we see clearly that everything we do - or don’t do - has a positive or negative knock-on effect to our brothers and sisters on the Planet, it prompts a natural desire to be a good neighbour. So, as interconnected and interdependent beings in the web of Life, we seek to connect with others lovingly and respectfully &  offer reverence and respect to our extended environment - our beautiful home, Planet Earth.


Her Story

My journey with Conscious Breathwork started when I met my mentor Christina Artemis in 2000. I was seeking guidance to overcome emotional issues, which had sabotaged my career in film production.  The Artemis Foundation practitioner training was a powerful emersion into the spectacular world of breathing for the purpose of personal healing.

During an exceptional 3 years with Artemis, awareness around my personal issues increased tremendously and I learned the principles of modern breath practice as established by pioneers Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray.  I became aware of how experiences from my formative years, including my birth experience, had contributed to the self-esteem problems I had evolved as an adult. These concepts have been invaluable to my personal healing over the last couple of decades and now I am devoted to teaching these concepts to others seeking liberation from their past.


-Nathalia Westmacott-Brown

Practitioner Trainer & Breath Coach


Practitioner Training Testimonial

Our approach to breathwork is integrative and includes a range of auxiliary practices  which support successful release and integration of trauma. This body-based psycho-therapy is suitable for anyone who wants to step beyond limited perceptions of their capabilities and experience more personal power.

"This training is profoundly transformative. It is a weaving of experiential & narrative support in a  safe holding space, which creates an alchemical pot! This is a place where you can transform your past patterns and stories, no matter how painful, into gold."

Rose Catheryn Jiggins

Breathwork Practitioner & Workshop Leader 

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