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5-element journey

air, earth, water, fire, ether

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The 5-element immersion

The Breathwork Training Program includes a broad range of conscious breath practices, including Conscious Connected Breathing, Hot and Cold Water Rebirthing and 5-Element Breath. We typically start the day with a dawn fire purification meditation to cleanse the body and prepare for the day ahead.   In our process work, alongside breathwork we integrate a range of powerful healing approaches, such as: Equine therapy, Gestalt, NLP, Sound Healing (voice & percussion), Bodywork (acupressure and pulsing),  Shamanic ritual, Psycho-sexual technique (Pelvic Heart Integration) and Creative self-expression modalities such as Trance dance, Transformational theatre and Art as therapy (painting, model making and nature installations).


Our Breathwork Program is modular, divided into 5-day in-person residential retreats, which take place between Mar-September each year. The learning is divided equally between experiential in-person training and home-based learning between modules, such as reading and occasional written assignments. The modules are inspired by the archetypal energy of the elements.


Air Element

We commence our journey with the Air element which introduces conscious breathing practice and teaches how the breath can be applied as a vital tool for personal transformation. Air also presents sound healing as a method for self-exploration and integration. The focus on Air module is mental intellect and we offer an opportunity to stabilise a loving relationship with learning and heal any negative imprints which may have been taken on through early years development, school or education trauma.


Earth Element

The light and spacious element of Air is grounded by the Earth module which provides us with an anchor and safety in the physical world of Earth. We investigate our relationship to our physical body and release historic patterns which inhibit our full aliveness and longevity. Earth module is a vital opportunity to undertake shadow work to process the unconscious thought patterns that have been holding us captive.


Animal & Equine Therapy

This special location provides sanctuary to animals; some wild - some residents, such as our Emus - Spike, Mildred & Otis. Numerous clients experienced profound life-changing results from the animals and Equine Therapy provided on the program.


Water Element

From the stability of the Earth element, we introduce the flow of water and open up a deep connection to the emotional body. We feel into which emotions may have got stuck or denied and create a space of radical self-acceptance, to allow all of our feelings to be consciously released. Emotional de-armouring brings us back to soft receptivity in our body. The water  module process is supported by daily hot and cold water breath immersions.


Fire Element

The final in-person module of the year is inspired by the element of fire. This element ignites our ability to engage right use of power in conjunction with clarity and integrity. The fire module is a rites of passage and for some participants, it is the practitioner graduation threshold. We work together to build our resilience, stamina and will-power, with a view towards becoming more reliable, consistent, creative members of a community.