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Our Unique Approach

This modular training has been one of the leading breathwork programs in the UK for over twenty years. The depth and effectivity of this powerful process work evolves every year. We continually revise and expand our offering of techniques and methods to keep our program at the forefront of embodiment practice. Our qualified practitioners are trained to provide safe effective therapeutic interventions to support trauma-release work. These skills include processes such as conscious breathwork, sound healing, animal and nature therapy, shadow-release, art and theatre for transformation amongst others. Our  program caters for participants with aspirations ranging from private 1-2-1 personal development all the way through to apprenticeship, professional  qualification & group leadership skills.


Learning Pathway One:

Foundation Year




The inaugural year on the program provides a superb opportunity for self-reflection and personal exploration of the conscious and sub-conscious realms. Whether you are motivated by personal growth or professional training as a therapist, the groundwork for a secure future is compassionate, consistent self-awareness. The Foundation year can be motivated  by personal growth alone and is also the gateway to the practitioner training offered on the Apprenticeship program.


Learning Pathway Two:






The first year of Apprenticeship training is a vital opportunity to build on the key concepts learned in the foundation year and evolve the skills necessary to guide another person through these developmental pathways.


The physical and meta-physical skill of safely guiding and facilitating another person through a powerful healing process takes time and patience. For embodiment process work, there is no substitute for hands-on practice. The program offers a high level of experiential learning, which in time becomes embodied practice. 


Apprenticeship Practice

The second year of apprenticeship for professional practice involves working closely with a supervisor to establish a private practice. Initially the task is to attract three paying case studies and guide them safely and effectively through a minimum of ten consecutive sessions. Presenting for graduation is an opportunity for apprentices to summarise their own progress, and be witnessed in their growth by their peers who are all able to vote in the process. Certification is achieved through fulfilment of all course pre-requisites and unanimous support of the training team and group. 


Learning Pathway Three:

Workshop Leader





For post-graduates and established practitioners, there may come a time where they want to build upon their client base and start to offer facilitated group breathes and weekend workshops. Workshop Leader is an opportunity to work closely alongside the training and delivery team at First-Breath, to learn about effective teaching methods to ensure safe professional practice in groupwork environments. Monthly supervision is the valuable opportunity to masterclass with your Trainer and receive support, insight and guidance on how to develop your practice. 


What does the program involve?

Our self-development and apprenticeship program is modular, divided into 5-day in-person residential retreats, which take place between March and September annually. The learning is divided between experiential in-person training and home-based learning between modules, such as reading and written assignments. The residential retreats are inspired by the archetypal energy of the four elements air, earth, water and fire.

The process of breathing with intention operates at the core of our work.  First-Breath practitioners utilise and teach a range of breath processes, such as conscious connected breathing, hot and cold water rebirthing and 5-Element breath with sound. Augmenting the effectivity of conscious breathwork, we also include training in other complimentary self-healing approaches, resulting in a diverse and effective toolbox of skills supporting personal and professional development. 

Equine & Nature Therapy


Experience  how a sincere and meaningful bond with animals and the natural world can harmonise your thoughts, feelings and cultivate a profound sense of well-being.


Learning Objectives

There are defined experiential and theoretical goals and outcomes associated with each level of the program.  Through a range of specially selected processes, we offer an opportunity for each participant to evolve a deeper understanding and application of the work. Participants are assessed in their progress through methods that take into account diverse learning needs, such as dyslexia and autism spectrum, as well as accommodating different learning styles. We support students to challenge themselves to grow beyond the blocks and limitations that many picked up in mainstream education. With on going commitment to the program, many participants report feeling an enthusiasm return for learning that haven’t felt since early childhood.


Air Module

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Water Module


Earth Module


Fire Module

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