Professional Qualification

Conscious Breathwork is recognised as an effective, safe healing modality for addressing an array of personal well-being challenges. The 2017 Global Wellness Summit called breathwork “the biggest future trend, period”. For this reason, more people are choosing to train as professional practitioners in this growing field of health-care. Established professionals and absolute beginners  alike, experience  deep personal and professional value through under-taking the two-year Practitioner Training Programme. The course is delivered on a modular basis over two years to accrue the 400 training hours needed to qualify as a practitioner. It is a practical  broad-based curriculum which promotes safe and effective use of conscious breathing as a body-based psycho-theraputic tool. 


A background in personal growth work is a required for undertaking this intensive program. Please apply for a full curriculum and schedule of fees from   


The five-day residential Foundation is the starting point for the Practitioner Training Program. It is suitable for those who are dedicated to self-awareness and growth and who are seeking a

safe place to explore issues which are ready to surface and heal. Participants use a range of experiential process work to explore birth and early infancy imprints, family patterns, negative self-belief and Jungian Archetypes as a way of releasing stuck habitual behaviour and moving to the next level of success in their lives. The program is an excellent stand-alone intensive for personal development.

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Using the element of EARTH as our inspiration, we explore a range of personal and spiritual resources which inspire balanced healthy behaviours and mind-sets. Practices in nature cultivate presence and grounding, as we make full use of the ritual space available at the venue to connect participants to their own bodies and breath. This five-day retreat offers an opportunity to gain clarity on personal boundaries; effective use of personal will-power; manifestation & creativity; transformation through shamanic practice and ritual theatre. There is a a daily breath session exchange and fire ceremonies throughout the week. 

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In addition to the personal experience of breathing consciously and  releasing suppressed energy from your own body, you will also start the journey of supporting others with breath practice. This process is entirely facilitated and you can ask as many questions as you need about how to become a good facilitator of deep transformative states. A fundamental knowledge of Conscious Breathwork theory and practice is also presented in the AIR module. This includes a historic context for the development breath and an understanding of breathing modalities Worldwide. Apprentices have an opportunity to present questions and queries about breathwork to start to evolve a deeper knowledge of this fascinating subject. 


The final module of the training year is dedicated to the element of FIRE. During this dynamic five-days, we focus our energies on solar plexus energy. This includes identifying and clearing blocks to self-esteem, evolving goals and visions, learning successful manifestation techniques to improve finances and prosperity. We also develop increased levels of will-power and safe use of sexual energy as a positive creative force for change in our lives and the World. The module presents opportunities to explore masculine and feminine dynamics; aggression, anger and conscious release of suppressed rage; we advance our conscious communication techniques and self-love practices. Apprentices who have fulfilled pre-requisites can present to graduate at the FIRE module. 

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The advanced training module WATER

is a chance to take your breath practice to the next level. Participants are guided to utilise breathing consciously in hot and cold water environments to increase emotional release potential and access deeper layers of suppressed content from the body. The work is deep and powerful but is undertaken in a safe and light manner to maximise the security and well-being of the group. All participants learn to breathe a full release cycle in hot and cold water and how to support effective emotional release from another breather. On the WATER module, we experience advanced spiritual purification techniques such as all-night ritual and fasting as routes to accelerated states of consciousness. 

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This module is a vital chance to evolve a strong and personal connection with Source  or Universal  Energy. This can be felt tangibly in the physical body, as well as on more subtle levels of our perception, such as psychic intuition. Breathwork has long been used as a powerful tool to awaken subtle energy skills such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience - the abilities to see, hear or feel non-physical energetic fields. SPIRIT is for those who are ready to develop psychic capabilities, evolve a connection to spiritual guides, access powerful earth energy and learn how to use ritual for healing self and others. The curriculum will cultivate an increased capability around empathic capabilites, essential for effective therapeutic support work. 


Students pursuing the two-year training have access to a powerful apprenticeship program, which supports them through the various stages of  professional development and growth towards full qualification.


Apprenticeship is a vital opportunity to work with your mentor and peers to achieve the goals and visions you have set for yourself at the outset. There is a positive self-responsible learning atmosphere created through a culture of personal responsibility and conscious communication. Monthly sessions are through video conferencing or in-person with your course trainer.


Apprenticeship is the route that students use to fulfil essential pre-requisites for qualification. This includes...


* Accruing 400+ training hours

* Three supervised case studies (10 sessions each)

* Written testimonials from case studies

* Self-assesment on personal process

* Presenting a talk / introductory on breathwork