Authentic presence 

First-Breath was established in 2002 as the private practice of Nathalia Westmacott-Brown. Numerous clients experienced profound life-changing results and felt inspired to train and qualify as breath practitioners. This prompted the professional  Breathwork Training Program to start in 2005.


Our approach to breathwork is integrative and includes a range of auxiliary practices  which support successful release and integration of trauma. This body-based psycho-therapy is suitable for anyone who wants to step beyond limited perceptions of their capabilities and experience more personal power.


My journey with Conscious Breathwork started through a chance encounter with my mentor Christina Artemis in 2000. I was seeking guidance to overcome  emotional issues, which had sabotaged a successful  career in film production.  The Artemis Foundation practitioner training was a powerful emersion into the spectacular world of conscious breathing for the purpose of personal healing.


During an exceptional few years with Artemis, awareness around my personal issues increased tremendously and I learned the principles of modern breath practice as established by pioneers Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray.  Experiences from my formative years, including my birth experience started to come into focus and I could see how these imprints had contributed to the self-esteem problems I had lived with as an adult. These concepts have been invaluable to my personal growth over the last couple of decades, so I am committed to offering these concepts  and effective emotional release processes to others seeking liberation from their past.


Here are some of the highlights from my journey with Conscious Breathing from my first breathing sessions to the present day:


2000 -  Commence work as Personal assistant / Apprentice to renown breath worker Christina  Artemis. Undertake extensive training in Rebirthing and Shamanic Ritual Theatre


2002 -  Qualification with unanimous support to commence practice as a Rebirthing Practitioner. Commence voluntary term on Committee of British Rebirth Society (BRS) , the UK organisation for professional standards.


2003-5 Train as Workshop Leader with Inbreath, under Heinz Gerd Lang and Jane Okondo. Learn auxiliary modalities to compliment breath, such as Voice Dialogue, Humanistic Counselling, Gestalt and Acupressure.

2005 - Establish the Breathwork Training Program, an intensive course for those wishing to qualify as breathwork practitioners in the UK. Attend inaugural International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) conference in St. Petersburg. Volunteer for the Council commencing a nine year term of contribution.  Conferences (GIC's) attended during this period provide an opportunity to learn from many of the Worlds finest breath practitioners.


2006 - Intensive breathwork training at The Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia to develop psychic intuition and telekinesis capabilities. 


2008 - Organise the Global Inspiration Conference in the UK. Host 120 international  delegates  for 7-days of breathwork peer-support and professional exchange. 

2009 - Establish the Breathing Circle network. Create a community of international breathworkers who are dedicated to hosting a monthly breath in their local area. Currently 89 practitioners in 23 countries.


2010 - Acquire "The Greenery" and commence the renovation needed to establish a spiritual retreat centre to host breathwork training & healing workshops.


2012-  Journey into Sacred Sexuality. Commence training with David Deida 

2013 - With Mark Conrad & Heather Bennett - organise the 7-day  Indian GIC in the Himalayas, for 150 international breath delegates. 

2015 - Host  Sacred Sexuality events and workshops at The Greenery

2016 - Practitioner training in Pelvic Heart Integration with Deborah Anapol.

2017  - Conscious Kink Practitioner Training with Seani Love 

2018 - Re-structure and re-launch the Breathwork Training Program for professional qualification in breathwork.